Retro Bowl – A New Game For the iOS and Android

Retro Bowl is an American football game played in a retro fashion with the aim to lead your team and get a prize at conclusion of every season. The signing and cutting of players is your responsibility as an administrator. NFL is a complex sport and it’s not easy to win every season, particularly in the first one. Therefore, you must be careful!It is essential to focus on the management of your roster as it is the most crucial aspect in the game. Quarterback is the most crucial players in the Retro Bowl so, make sure you choose the most effective one. Making fewer mistakes than the opponents is the crucial factor in achieving the success.

Are you prepared to guide the team of your dreams to success? The numerous ways you can customize your team and plan of attack will ensure that your game never gets monotonous or boring. You can even alter players’ names and jerseys and the location of each player! With the aid from free agencies, you are able to easily upgrade or rebuild your team. It’s impossible to put this stunning retro-styled team management game down since it provides the perfect balance between auto-play and control! Are you able to be successful and guide your team to win the grand prize?

Through the free-agent system, you are able to easily expand or remodel your club based on your needs. You can also alter each players name, shirt or even the location! The endless possibilities of customizing your team’s game plan and strategy will make sure that the game doesn’t become boring or monotonous.